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The overall philosophy is a simple one.  The process begins with horses that are six to ten years old and have lived all of their lives on large cattle ranches.  These well-rounded horses know what a day’s work entails and have been exposed to a wide variety of situations. 


The process of making high-end rope horses from these ranch horses then progresses and concludes in a period of one to two years. When purchasing a horse, the customer not only gets a very high quality horse, but also receives an after-sale service guarantee.  If the customer has issues with the horse purchased, working with the customer and the horse to resolve all issues becomes a priority. 


Since moving the winter operations from Montana to Arizona, an enthusiastic and satisfied customer base has developed. 


This new facility, based in the heart of team roping country, enables prospective customers to have a fulfilling experience and an enjoyable stay.  Guests and customers are able to stay and become fully involved in the process, working with the horses before buying and engaging in valuable one-on-one instruction.


Continuing to expand and create a reputable, professional business that produces quality rope horses is the ultimate goal of WALKING C ROPE HORSES.


To view the video above, please turn up your volume.


 Tim Chadwick speaks a little about his inspiration for training roping horses, the type of horses he looks for and where they come from, and the development of his new facility in Arizona.

A little about Walking C

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